Login Flow

Picovico 2.0 API follows a simple login flow. Each account is provided with username and password which authenticates user with the system. Upon successful login, access_key and access_token are provided in the response.


As of API Version 2.1, Login Flow has some modifications. Each login request must provide [app_id] as a mandatory third parameter, and two different endpoints of login have been provided.

  • Endpoint 1 - /login
    Login with app_id, username & password
  • Endpoint 2 - /login/app
    Login with app_id, app_secret

Check the Developer Signup page for more details.

Step 1

(First Method) Login with username and password

POST /login


  • username
  • password
  • app_id

(Second Method) Login with app_id and app_secret

POST /login/app


  • app_id
  • app_secret


Both the methods will return same response upon successful authentication.

    "access_key" : "<some-random-access-key>",
    "access_token" : "<some-random-access-token>",
    "id" : "<system-wide-unique-resource-id>"

Step 2

Use the access_key and access_token as headers for making other subsequent requests.


X-Access-Key: access_key  
X-Access-Token: access_token